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Highlights of our research

Research conducted by the Energy Justice Lab shows that disconnections affect households in the United States across different races, ethnicities, and income levels. The lab has conducted research on the topic by analyzing data focused on utility disconnections and conducting surveys to identify root causes.

Number of states that provide disconnection protections

41during winter or extreme cold weather

20during summer or severe hot weather

4for households with young children

Data as of January 15, 2024. 

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The Energy Justice Lab

The Energy Justice Lab is a research group that conducts studies about the equity and justice dimensions of the energy transition. The lab offers insights on energy justice challenges and opportunities in the ongoing energy transition: what individuals and communities on the frontlines are facing, what vulnerability means in the energy justice context, what types of policies and programs are in place to address these issues, and how well government is doing to protect vulnerable communities. The lab is co-directed by Professor Sanya Carley at the University of Pennsylvania and Professor David Konisky at Indiana University.

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